Wednesday, April 1, 2020
montreal alouettes sign darian durant

Montreal Alouettes Sign Darian Durant

A week following the trade, the Montreal Alouettes sign Darian Durant to a three-year contract. The terms of the contract are unknown.
alouettes acquire darian durant

Montreal Alouettes Acquire Darian Durant

In the first big move of the 2017 CFL off-season, the Montreal Alouettes acquire Darian Durant from the Saskatchewan Roughriders for two draft picks.
alouettes 2016 season

Takeaways from Alouettes 2016 Season

The Montreal Alouettes 2016 season could have ended very differently had they won one more game. There are some positives moving forward, and here are some.
East Division MOP Candidates

East Division MOP Candidates

With the 2016 season nearly over, Last Word On Canadian Football's Thomas Gunther rolls out his list East Division MOP Candidates.
alouettes wins

Alouettes Wins Late in Season Give Hope

The Montreal Alouettes wins late in the season give them hope for the future. The Alouettes won two games in a row for the first time this season.
CFL Week 18 Talking Points

CFL Week 18 Talking Points: A Week in Review

LWOS writer Thomas Gunther is back with the CFL Week 18 Talking Points. This time Gunther takes a look at the whole weekend's slate of games.

Alouettes Admit Defeat, Release Duron Carter, Kenny Stafford

The Montreal Alouettes more or less admitted defeat in the 2016 campaign today, releasing receivers Duron Carter and Kenny Stafford. Because their release was after...
CFL Check-In: Week 16

CFL Check-In: Week 16 Season Review

With the playoffs in sight LWOS takes a look at the entire league and makes some predictions in the CFL Check-In: Week 16 Season Review.

CFL Week 15 Three and Out

Every CFL week includes enough highlights for fans to talk about until football returns a week later, and a few lowlights that keep fans...
CFL Week 15 Talking Points

CFL Week 15 Talking Points: Argonauts vs Alouettes

LWOS writer Thomas Gunther is back with the CFL Week 15 Talking Points. This week Gunther covers the matchup between the Argos and Alouettes.